Arhart Farms

​Bull Sale

Our sale is run how we prefer to buy bulls, with no frills and no tricks. The day of the sale the bulls are available for viewing behind the cattle shed where the sale takes place. Then we ask all interested buyers to write their name on the sale board, on all of the bulls they are interested in.  At 1pm we bid off between the names on the board starting at the listed price in the catalog. Buyers always have the option of retracting their name during the sale, before the bidding starts on that particular bull.

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How The Sale Is Run

We are excited to offer for sale 40 yearling bulls with many being suitable for heifers. Backed by over 50 years of artificial insemination, the genetics we feature have been selected to make our commercial cattle more profitable out on pasture and in the feedlot. We welcome you to stop in, take a look at the bulls and let us know what you are looking for.

To avoid breeding season break down and fertility issues, it is very important for us to properly grow the bulls to their full potential without fattening them. This is also why we prefer to keep your bull for free until May delivery. We’ll make sure he keeps developing properly and that he is healthy and ready for turnout.

If you purchase a bull from us you can expect:

  • A strict breeding soundness exam done by our vet.
  • All routine vaccinations and boosters including foot rot
  • and anthrax.
  • A magnet to help protect against hardware.
  • Freeze branded with year/tag number and the Arhart brand.
  • If requested we will fly tag and pour prior to delivery.
  • Free delivery and yardage until May.